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1991 was an important year in the present history of MVSC Tourist Section. What happened then?

The reconstruction of Szentlélek-spring with using the original stones found on the spot, and the installation of benches a rain-protector next to Köpüs-spring.

The work was controlled and done by Miklós Kiszela, Béla Kiszela, László Doboza and the membership of MVSC. It was the year of the opening the holiday chalet in Abaújszolnok, which is in common maintenance of the Council of Abaújszolnok and the MVSC. A new section leader was elected.

Béla Csarnai is leading the section with a great enthusiasm nowadays. The number, the combination and the ages are alwayas changing, but the membership is still active in performance tours, in orienteering competitons and they also take part in other tour movements and in organizing different tours.

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Our history

Our history

The Hiking Section of the Miskolc Railway Sport Club (MVSC) was founded in the spring of 1920, when on 11th April a whole-day-long excursion in the Bükk Mountains was organized. The early enthusiasm lasted only for a short time, because the newspapers and publications in those times didn't mention the section for a while. They supposed to be the members of the Bükki Egylet in those period. More members took part in the Szent István tour wandering event in 1938. The most important things to do were: visiting the springs in the Bükk, preserving the good condition of the trails. In the 1940s they wandered the landscape of the Bükk, the Matra, the Radnai Mountains and the Király Mountains in one-day-long walking tours. After the World War II. Horváth István, Volni József, Kühne Judit, Józsa Emma and others took part in the initiation of the tours. Now the hiker section is mentioned among the sections of the Railway Sport Club, as formerly during a whole decade from 1938 the section was not the part of the Sport Club.

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