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Cliffs of the Bükk mountains - "Nice wiev from the cliffs"

Szirttúra ajánló

I recommend this hiking movement for those who love nature, the forest-covered places, and who can admire the magnificent panoramic view of hills from the limestone cliffs. I also call those people who have already visited some of the cliffs, because it is worth re-visiting the beautiful re-gions of the Bükk Mountains, where a beautiful landscape can be seen.

The beginner hikers can also start this movement, be-cause visiting these places doesn’t require any serious rock-climbing techniques. I also call those, who like hiking in groups, because the MVSC hiking section often organises hikes of “Cliffs of the Bükk Mountains”. Please contact our trip leaders!

Visiting the cliffs looks tiring, but this is deceiving, because it is a nice physical tiredness and mental recreation. How-ever, visiting all the 27 cliffs requires serious stamina. Everyone can visit the places mentioned above without time limit or hiking-trail limit, in his/her speed

During the hikes we can manage to reach more cliffs and overlooks, which are 263-956 meters above sea-level. Among these there are well-known, requently visited places and there are some which are rarely included in other hiking movement programmes. Up to the cliffs there are generally – not always – a triangle tourist sign. This hiking movement can be found not only in the hiking-calendar of MVSC. Look around the websites of other Tourist Associations or Clubs. But if you think come with us and let's walk along the cliffs together.

I hope I could take your interest of the beautiful, natural formations of the Bükk Mountains and many people would join this movement. Please follow the current hiking schedules of MVSC on our official website.

I wish good luck both the individual and team hikers to fulfil the hiking movement of “Bükk szirtjei”! (“Cliffs of the Bükk Mountains.”)

Miskolc, January 2001

Csarnai Béla
section leader

The founder and organizer of the hiking movement

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