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Certificatory Booklet

Booklet Booklet Booklet

Certifycation, fee

After collecting all the codes, have to do this. Put these in the envilope: information link.

  • Certificatory Booklet
  • Reply Envelope
  • and teh fee 500 HUF
Levél boríték méret Levél boríték méret Levél boríték méret

Then post this envilop to the address bellow: "MVSC Természetjáró Szakosztály 3529 Miskolc, Szentgyörgy út 31. IX./3."

After checking send the badge to you.

We give you a diploma.

Check Points

Booklet Booklet

The required points are in the booklet. Here a chart can be found. You have to fill in two colums.

  • Code of Cliff
  • Date of Visit

The hiker needs a tourist map of the Bükk Mountains, a Certificatory Booklet, a compass and for the stamps an ink-ing-pad or a brush-pen.

There will be 3 different types of certification:

  • A combination of a letter and a number written in a green triangle. They are drawn on a near cliff or tree.
  • The hikes touch three peaks above 900 meter. Here you have to find a wooden column with the name of the peak. There is a stamper-sample on the column.
  • At Cserepeskő-cave we need the “Kék túra” (Blue Trail) stamp.

In some cases the hiker can’t find the sing. Of course we accept a photo of the cliff that was taken on the spot. This photo must be sent to the e-mail address of the MVSC. In return for the photo we send him/her the code.



Everyone can visit the places mentioned above without time limit or hiking-trail limit, in his/her speed.

Safety advice

  • going to the edges of the cliffs can be danger-ous, deep abyss can be under the edge, so please stay away from these places
  • if you organise a long tour, please take enough water with you, because springs can’t be found everywhere
  • in case of a winter-tour, please take it into con-sideration that the days are shorter than in summer, and in dark it is more likely that you can be lost
  • in case of rain the rocky places can be very slippery
  • in thunderstorms and lightning please avoid vis-iting the peaks, I would rather you delayed it
  • in case of using a cell phone, you have to take it into consideration, that there are many places where there is no intensity



Everyone can visit the places mentioned above without time limit or hiking-trail limit, in his/her speed

In the booklet there is a description if the trails. The trails are here on the website, too.